4 Types of SEO & SEO Tools To Use

4 Types of SEO & SEO Tools To Use

White hat SEO techniques are Google’s recommended approach to ranking any web page or website. By doing this, you’re getting on Google’s good books, helping you to better promote your business online without any form of negativity.

Black hat SEO is a much faster way to get results as much as it is a faster way to get your site deleted from Google’s server. Black hat SEO techniques are all about manipulation and exploitation of Google’s algorithms.

Grey hat SEO is a little mix of the two approaches to SEO already mentioned above. As the name implies, it simply means being in that little grey area where it seems they’re doing what’s right and at the same time looking for Google’s trouble.

The Four (4) Different Types of SEO

As the name suggests, on-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO is an SEO activity that is carried out directly on the page or site.

Off-page SEO is the exact opposite of on-page. off-page SEO focuses on all your SEO activities outside your website.

Local SEO is one of the types of SEO that is more location-specific than the others. Local SEO deals with rankings in a specific state, city, or town. The main idea is to increase the online presence of a company within its state.

Technical SEO has nothing to do with your page content. However, it can improve your appearance on organic search results.

Search engine optimization is an integral part of digital marketing and content marketing and must be given the attention it deserves no matter what your digital marketing tactics are.